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calibre remove dRM

Calibre DRM plugins and Calibre Remove DRM are compatible with Mac, Widows, and Linux. It can help you remove DRM from ePub, PDF, MOBI, Kindle, Nook, etc. Calibre Plugin Remove DRM can be downloaded here.


Calibre is the best ebook organizer and sync utility available. But some questions have popped up concerning how to use it so I thought I would start a seperate topic for it since I use it frequently. What's more, when you are tired of using Calibre, I would like to recommend you an easy to use software Calibre Remove DRM.


Just remove the ePub files DRM header, no change on the files. Users can read eBooks on iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Sony Reader, Android, Nook etc. Calibre Remove DRM is 100% clean and has no virus, so it is safe to download and use. It can directly crack DRM ePub and easy to use. Welcome to download this Calibre Remove DRM and have a try!


Tutorial: How to Use Calibre to Remove DRM ?


Install Adobe Flash Player 

For downloading some free sample eBooks including entire books and preview chapters from leading publishers.


Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) v1.7.1

Authorize your copy of Adobe Digital Editions. Make sure you can read the epub files on Adobe Digital Editions!


Install ePub DRM Removal.

When you install all the programs, remove DRM from epub now. Run ePub DRM Removal to remove DRM from epub. If using Win7 or Vista, click the program icon to "run as administrator" , it need file access permission, A dialog windows will pop up :


Input files
Click on the "browse" button to choose your EPUB ebook / input folder. You'll find it in "My Documents\My Digital Editions". If you just can't find the EPUB ebook, open Adobe Digital Editions and find the path in the properties of the ebook. You do not need to find the ePub Files one by one, just choose the folder which the epub files saved, Remove ePub DRM will decrypt all the DRM ePub file under input folder!


Click "unDrm directory", then remove DRM from epub files all the folder. Open your newly created DRM-free EPUB file with your favorite application (on whatever device you like). The decrypted epub files will saved to another folder(set as default).


Note: Some epub files may not be protected, ePub DRM Remover software will copy the files to nodrm folder under "Output Path". Once you have remove ebook drm, you can copy .azw file to eReader, converter to other format using Calibre.


ePub Supported Devices


* Apple iPad (using iBooks)
* iPhone and iPod Touch (using Lexcycle Stanza, Glider or iBooks on iOS 4.0+)
* Sony Reader
* Android devices (using WordPlayer, FBReader, Aldiko)
* Barnes & Noble nook
* Hanlin eReader
* BeBook
* Bookeen Cybook Gen3, Cybook Opus
* iRex Digital Reader 800, 1000
* PocketBook Reader
* Ctaindia's eGriver Ebook Reader